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Ninja System-10 Money Management Service FAQ

How do I get started with Ninja System-10 Money Management Service?
1.  Open the broker account under your name through our referral link code 9612
2.  Upload your scan NRIC / Passport and proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) to the broker for verficiation
3.  Fund your account via credit card/debit card or bank wire transfer
4.  Once your account is funded your MT4 ID will be created. Fill up the Purchase Order Agreement and email to
5.  Your MT4 account will be mounted with Ninja System-10 within 3 working day.

Is this Ninja System-10 Money Management Service suitable for me?
It is an alternative investment to Fixed Deposit, Unit Trust, Bonds, Stocks, Shares, Options, Structure Deposit or Properties. You must be able to put aside the initial deposit for a period of time and able to sustain possible loss of some or all your initial deposit. Based on the system’s past records, withdrawn monthly or quarterly profits can exceed initial deposit within a reasonably short period of time.

As this is a managed account service to help investor to generate some passive income over moderate period of time and complement to your investment portfolio. It is more suitable for Investor and NOT Trader as investor looking for longer term steady growth vs trader go for short term trade by trade or daily profit and get rich fast.

It will NOT be suitable for:
Very conservative and risk adverse investor
Very aggressive high risk trader
Very successful full time trader

It is suitable for:
Investor who are willing to take some risk and put the fund aside as an alternative investment as part of the portfolio like fixed deposit.

Most perfectly suitable for those with little or no Forex experience and no spare time to trade

What is Ninja System-10?
Ninja System-10 is the NEW Revolution Trading System. It has TEN years of research and development. It has TEN best breakout and sideway range strategies. It works on intra-day range scalping as well as trend breakout upto a few days swing trade. Every open trade position has Proper Risk Control via Fixed Stop, Trailing Stop, Hedging or Expiration Time. There is NO Martigale system involved. The risk is further reduce via some options strategies like Butterfly and Condor, Straddle and Strangle concept plus the stock investment portfolio approach (multi currency pair instead of single currency pair). It is a Non-Directional High Probability Winning Rate All-In-One Algorithm Trading System.

Does the system generate guaranteed monthly profit?
No system or methodology has ever developed can give 100% winning trades, guarantee constant profits or ensure freedom from losses. Do not be taken in by anyone who claims to have a trading strategy or system that guarantees you profits in all trades. The system is developed based on past records with strategies that have high probability winning rate. Ongoing enhancements and fine tuning is done weekly and monthly deployed free to all accounts under managed service.

Ninja System-10 is not design to win every trade nor every day as it has hedging and portfolio approach to reduce risk. It has proven to be profitable over time (weekly, monthly or quarterly) but occasional losses are to be expected. There will be times when markets super volatile, beyond the norm. This accounts for the "High Risks High Returns" in FOREX trading. Positive trading returns may not be consistently replicated due to unexpected market movements. Therefore the possibility still exits that you may incur loss of some or all your initial investment.

What are the Risks that I should be aware off?
Foreign Exchange trading carries a HIGH level of risk. There will be unexpected market movements and volatility in Forex which may wipe out some or all the entire account. Every open position is protected by fixed stop loss, trailing stop, hedging or time expiration. There is no martingale system involved.

This system should NEVER be your sole revenue source but can complement your existing financial portfolio. It is most probably able to generate profit over a period of time. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

What is my maximum risk in this system?
The fund is deposited in your own account under your name. Only you can authorise and approve any withdrawal (by PIN code and email verification). Your risk is limited by your initial deposit or subsequent amount that you so decide to leave in the trading account.

Past history record shows that maximum draw down per month on moderate risk profile is around -15% vs max return of 30% per month.

Any difference for depositing USD3,000, USD6,000 or USD10,000?
The recommended fund size is USD6,000 for Ninja system with moderate risk profile.
For a limited time only, we allowed new users to start up with minimum capital of USD3,000 and above for one month free subscription trial for you to assess the system performance.
Your returns and associated risk will increase proportionally according to your fund size and risk profile. The system is able to adapt to your risk profile by setting appropriate lot size as a % of risk capital.

Conservative, Moderate and High Risk Profile
You can indicate your risk profile as
- conservative approach with -1.5% drawdown per month (return also reduce to max 3% per month)
- moderate standard approach with -15% drawdown per month (return at 30% per month)
- high risk approach at -30% per month (return also increase to 60% per month).

What are the fees involved?
This is a managed account service. There is an initial one-time setup fee of USD 100 (or SGD 125) to set up your account on our VPS server for 24-hour monitoring and execution.

The monthly fixed subscription fee is USD 100 per month or USD 270 quarterly payable on 1st or 15th day of the preceding month. For SGD current conversion rate is at 1.25.

For capital size of USD 6,000 and above with moderate or high risk profile, you can opt for performance based monthly fee at 15% of the profit generated and payable only when there is profit generated in the preceding month. 

For a limited time only, the setup fee is waived plus a promotional first timer monthly subscription fee at USD 70 for first month or USD 180 for first quarterly if you open an account via our referral link code 9612 with a minimum deposit of USD3,000.

This is for you to assess the system performance and also to see whether it suits your risk profile. At the end of the one-month trial, only if you so decide to continue with the system, a monthly fixed subscription fee or monthly 15% performance fee is payable. You can also opt to topup your capital fund to USD 5,000 at the end of one month trial or anytime of the month.

How do I make payment?
Payment is done on the 1st day or 15th day of the calendar month via
Paypal or
Internet Bank Transfer or
FXPrimus Internal Transfer

How to do internal fund transfer in FXPrimus?
1. Please login to your FXPRIMUS member's area and click on the "MT4 to MT4 Transfer" tab located left hand side of the screen.
2. Complete the transfer request form to transfer fund to MT4 account 212138, then preview and confirm
3. A notification will be sent to the receiving party alerting them that they have funds waiting to be transferred.
4. Once the receiving party accepts the fund transfer, the funds will be automatically transferred from your trading account to the recipient's trading account.

Why FXPrimus instead of my own brokerage trading firm?
The system is developed based on MT4 platform. It has been tested with many MT4 brokers but FXPrimus yields best result vs other MT4 brokers.
- No commission fee to save cost in trading
- Smaller spread on the currency pairs that the systems are trading
- Trading platform to accept instant and 24-hour order execution with minimum or near zero down time
- High leverage to reduce margin requirement up to 1:500 leverage
- Hedging to accept both different opposite long and short pending orders and open positions
- Margin offset for hedging currency pairs
- Non-FIFO (First In First Out) order
- Bank wire fee and credit card fee reimbursed by the broker
- Trust Account option (USD50 one-time fee pay to FXPrimus) is available so that your fund is deposited with an independent custodian trustee bank to segregate and protect your fund from the company asset.
Independent review on FXPrimus by

Why select Variable Spread over Fixed Spread for my FXPrimus account?
You can compare variable and fixed spread rates in particular the GBPJPY, AUDJPY and AUDUSD. The variable spread is smaller vs fixed spread which is to your advantage.

Can I use my own forex broker to run Ninja System-10?
The result is likely to be under perform vs FXPrimus as we have tested with few MT4 brokers. However, we always have the flexibility to allow you to test the system running on your own Forex broker account. First and foremost, the forex broker must have a MT4 trading platform, with no "re-quote", near 24-hour server up down and STP (Straight Through Processing) without going through dealer desk. Make sure the spread for GBPJPY and AUDJPY is less than 5 pips to get maximum yield profit for your account.

The cost of running Ninja System-10 is partly sponsored by FXPrimus through our referral link. Thus to set up non-referral link account there is an additional USD 70 per month for running your own selected MT4 forex broker. The same fee USD 70 apply including your own FXPrimus account which is not under our referral link. This trading account will have to be dedicated for running on Ninja System-10 only thereafter and should not be used for your own trading.

How do I monitor my account balance and the system performance?
You can login to the broker web-site under report session without downloading the MT4 platform. However, you can also download the MT4 platform on your own PC to review the live and history records.  There will be monthly detail statement send to your email account
**By monitoring it live intra-day will only cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. The system is to help you generate passive income at east and at rest. It is best to review the account balance once a week or once a month. This also further distinguish you being an investor or trader.

How do I ensure the privacy and security for my account?
The security and confidentiality is the top priority of our service. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is highly secured and restricted only to System Administrator. No account holder can access the information of another account holders in our system. You will only be able to access your own account detail at your own PC end and not via the VPS.

How do I fund my account in FXPrimus?
You can fund via credit card, debit card or bank wire transfer.
US dollars (USD) Funding instruction
Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
International Banking Division
Address: 1st Floor, Barclays House
Barclays House
68-68A, Cybercity Ebene Mauritius
Beneficiary Bank: BARCLAYS BANK PLC
Beneficiary: FX Primus Limited
FX Primus Account Number (IBAN): 057104724
IMPORTANT: Please instruct your banker to include your User ID in the Beneficiary Information section of your wire transfer instructions. This will insure that your funds are deposited into your account in a timely manner.

Can I DIY (Do-It-Myself) instead of fully auto-trading on your server?
The Ninja System-10 is a high winning rate probability algorithm trading system. It has more than 10 strategies on few major currency pairs. It is executed 24-hour daily and need to run on VPS. This system should not be used as a Forex trading signal as the sophisticated methodology is vastly different from simple currency trading. It is impossible for human to monitor it manually or trading with the same approach. The system-10 will be constantly monitor on our VPS server. There are fine tuning over weekend to adjust the parameter weekly and monthly to suit any new market pattern or new market behavior.

How to make the system successfully work for me?
The system-10 is has appropriate risk level and profit target for all position. It has fixed, trailing, hedging and time-based stop loss and profit target. The best way for the system to work for you is not to monitor it but leave the fund aside like a fixed deposit.  By not monitoring it at your end is to avoid unnecessary stress and tension as short term fluctuation is expected throughout the day. It has proven to be profitable over a longer period of time at least weekly and monthly.

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One month free subscription for every referral you introduce to open a live account (variable spread) via our referral link code 9612 with minimum USD3,000 and above funded and activated the Ninja System-10.

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